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Thank you for your interest in Advanced Collaborative Team Solutions, Inc.

Our ACT-Solutions projects serve pressing public needs in our local Sonoma County community, the Greater San Francisco and North Bay region, the state of California, and across the USA.

We welcome your questions and your ideas, and, we appreciate your consideration and support.

If you are interested in internship opportunities, volunteering your time, or providing financial support for ACT-Solutions Projects, please contact:

Claire Spector, JD
President & CEO

Advanced Collaborative Team Solutions, Inc.


ACT-Solutions Collaborative Families

Betty Ann Spencer, JD, MFT; Project Director

ACT-Solutions Collaborative Healthcare Dialogues

Kathleen Clark, PhD, JD, MAM; Project Director

ACT-Solutions Collaborative Eldercare, Estates, Trusts & Probate

William Andrews, JD, LLM; Co-Director

Barbara Stagg, JD, MS; Co-Director

ACT-Solutions Collaborative Workplaces

Jeanne Fahey, JD, Project Director

1.707.494.6503 •